2017-12-6 · rheological properties of cement and concrete. A unit of SR M 2493 consists of 4 containers, one 1 L plastic bottle filled with glass beads; one glass bottle of corn syrup (500 g) and two plastic jars of limestone powder (600 g each). Disposal: Dispose of SRM 2493 Part B: Corn Syrup in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.


2018-7-9 · Safety Data Sheet for Portland Cement [Revised] Version 16 / 04/07/2017 Replaces all previous versions Supplemental information: Skin contact with wet cement, concrete or mortar may cause irritation, dermatitis or burns.

Portland Cement Based Repair Materials

2017-5-25 · Carcinogenicity: Since Portland cement and blended cements are manufactured from raw materials mined from the earth (limestone, marl, sand, shale, etc.) and process heat is provided by burning fossil fuels, trace, but detectable, amounts of naturally occurring, and possibly harmful, elements may be found during chemical analysis.

Cement Safety Data Sheet

2015-9-22 · Substance EINECS CAS Portland cement clinker 266-043-4* 65997-15-1 Limestone 215-279-6 1317-65-3 Flue dust from production of cement clinker 270-659-9 68475-76-3 Pulverised Fly Ash 268-627-4 68131-74-8 Blastfurnace Slag 266-002-0 65996-69-2 Ferrous Sulphate 231-753-5 7782-63-0 1.2. Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses ...


2018-2-1 · the concrete is likely to be exposed to humid atmosphere or wetting action, it is advisable that the aggregate be tested for alkali aggregate reaction. In the case of reactive aggregates, the use of cement with alkali content below 0.6 percent expressed at sodium oxide (Na 2 O), is recommended.

CEMENT Material

2017-10-13 · 2011 | CEMENT MSDS | PAGE 7 CEMENT Trace constituents Portland cement is made largely from limestone (calcium carbonate) and other materials mined from the earth and is processed using heat provided by fossil fuels. As a result, trace amounts of naturally occurring, potentially harmful chemicals might be detected in the cement during chemical ...

Common Cements

2018-11-2 · Hope Limestone Cement ... Hope Ash Blend Cement (BS EN 197-1: CEM II/B-V, CEM IV/B-V) Hope Slag Blend Cement (BS EN 197-1: CEM III/A) Substance EINECS CAS Hazard Portland cement clinker 266-043-4 65997-15-1 Serious eye damage, skin sensitisation and STOT SE 1.2. Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against

Crushed Stone Aggregates

Coarse aggregates consist of gravel, crushed stone or recycled concrete with particle sizes of ranging from 3/8-inch to 1.5 inches. Coarse aggregates are used in a wide range of construction applications, notably in concrete and asphalt mixes. Common uses for coarse crushed stone. • Concrete aggregate.

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The Irish Concrete Federation is the national representative organisation for the Irish aggregates and concrete products industry which plays a pivotal role in Ireland''s development. The Federation represents its members at local, national & European level. More About Us.


2021-7-7 · Chemical name CAS number % of Limit* Crystalline Silica (Quartz) 14808-60-7 Cristobalite 14464-46-1 <12% <<22 22% 7ULGPLWH < % *% of Limit as compared to TWA - O.Reg. 833. This SDS covers many types of limestone. Individual composition of hazardous constituents will vary between types of limestone. Respirable Particulate - <50% 4.

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Register now and get a free online MSDS binder. Your new online MSDS binder is a place for you to store the material safety data sheets you need to deploy. Other companies are charging thousands of dollars to set up accounts and give you access to their msds online database.


2018-3-21 · CAS No 65997-15-1 14808-60-7 EC No 266-043-4 238-878-4 Index No [-] [-] Classification STOT SE3, H315, H317, H318, H335 STOT RE 2; H373i Concentration Variable depending on mix design Variable dependent on mix design and source Portland Cement and Respirable Crystalline Silica has the following hazard information:


2018-5-4 · Fine Aggregate Limestone Portland Cement Granulated Slag Fly Ash ≤ 5 1317-65-3 NA NA 5 to 30 65997-15-1 NA NA Silica Fume chemical admixtures and/or pigments and/or flyash and/or granulated slag and/or silica fume. The chemical admixtures are present in quantities comprising less than 1% of the material. Component Percent (Weight/Weight) CAS ...

Safety Data Sheet Portland Lime Cement

2019-4-3 · Ingredient name % CAS number Portland Cement Hydrated Lime 50-75% 25-50% 65997-15-1 1305-62-2 The structure of Portland Lime Cement may contain the following in some concentration ranges: Calcium oxide A-B 1305-78-8 Calcium Hydroxide C-D 1305-62-0 Quartz E-F 14808-60-7 Gypsum G-H 13397-24-5 Limestone I-J 1317-65-3 Magnesium oxide

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M. A. Bérubé. Pore solution chemistry (high pressure extraction method) of cement pastes made with two condensed silica fumes, three pulverized fly ashes and one ground granulated blast furnace ...

Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS)

Asphalt aterial Safety Data Sheet MSDS) hanson .uk Updated August 2019 3. Composition / information on ingredients Asphalts are mixtures of aggregates and bitumen. Bitumen is a hydrocarbon derived from the distillation of petroleum crude oil, but may be synthetic or modified by the use of polymers and other chemicals.

Holcim Aggregate Products

2018-1-25 · Chemical Name: Synonyms: Proportion: CAS Number: Aggregate containing crystalline silica (quartz) Sand, crushed stone, gravel, slag 14808-60-7 Notes: Holcim Aggregate Products are mostly supplied from naturally occurring materials excavated and processed at sand pits, gravel pits and hard rock quarries.

Material Safety Datasheet READY-MIXED CONCRETE & …

2020-3-27 · The natural aggregates in concrete contain a combination of various minerals, including silica. 2.2 Hazardous ingredients: a. The lime, calcium silicates and alkalis within thecement are partially soluble and when mixed with water will give rise to a potentially hazardous alkaline solution. b. Hexavalent chromium salts in the cement are solubleand


2014-10-2 · Crushed Limestone, Limestone Aggregate, Dolomitic Limestone Limestone, Calcium Carbonate 1317-65-3 RECOMMENDED USE OR RESTRICTIONS Product is naturally-occurring limestone used primarily as a construction aggregate or an ingredient in construction-related materials such as hot-mix asphalt and ready-mix concrete. MANUFACTURER ADDRESS TELEPHONE NO.


2008-7-23 · Concrete Aggregates: Inert sand, gravel, and stone Concrete Additives and Admixtures: May include flyash, and very amounts of organic and inorganic materials which have no effect on the hazards associated with the use of this product such as air entrained agents, water reducers, superplasticizers, fiberous reinforcement, pigments, ect.

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2021-8-25 · Lafarge is Canada''s largest provider of sustainable construction materials and a member of the global group, LafargeHolcim. With 6,000 employees and 350 sites across Canada, our mission is to provide construction solutions that build better cities and communities. The cities where Canadians live, work, and raise their families along with the ...

Vulcan Materials

Safety Data Sheets. Vulcan Materials Company, its subsidiaries and affiliates ("Vulcan"), have a long-standing, actively maintained and comprehensive stewardship program which is intended to be consistent with, or more protective than, applicable requirements of government standards for protecting human health, safety and the environment in the event of exposures to products which may be ...

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2021-8-25 · Teichert Aggregates is one of the largest aggregate producers in the United States. Our plants produce graded rock and sand for any size project, and we have locations throughout Northern and Central California to serve our wide array of …

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2020-7-15 · The National Lime and Stone Co – SDS for Limestone and Dolomite Construction Aggregate Products 2820 Page 1 of 10 SAFETY DATA SHEET Limestone and Dolomite (Construction Aggregate Products) (As prescribed by OSHA, 29 CFR 1910.1200(g) and Appendix D)


2021-3-18 · Cement and Regen test data | Hanson UK I would comment that the Limestone is very low in silica, compared to some other aggregates. High purity silica sands used in other industrial processes can be in excess of 95% silica If the query is in relation to crystalline silica our common cements contain less than 1% crystalline silica as per our MSDS.

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